Why Hearts

Seek and Find, Why HeartHomes ?

In 2004, I had what I call a “tap” on my shoulder that there was more to my day to day activity and the journey began. Thoughts flooded my mind and these common words came through “Seek and you will Find”. In this period of my life, I started on a quest to Seek and boy did I find.

I explored my life, the meaning of life, starting to ask “what is my purpose”, “why AM I here” type of questions. I started to read, I started to listen, I started to open my “Eyes” and my “Heart” to more. As I discover more about me, about life, the world opened up “wide” everyday as a reminder I am on the right track.

During my journey, I was asked in my Heart to answer the BIG questions for myself, what is LOVE. I explored objectively the various meanings that we all know or are told about Love and the events associations with, but in my mind, I was seeking a deeper meaning of Love. In this quest, I worked to answer for myself, what “unconditionally” Love means. And in this seeking, I gained in knowing that Love is so much more and is so real that it consumes your day to day actions as you work to fulfill your life’s purpose.

During this journey, my own Heart was lite with this “Blissed” feeling of pure Love. And since, the Heart is a reminder to seek and you will find. You must start the seeking in order for the answer, the quest to find you.

As my path continues, I seem to get reminders via Heart shaped items of my continual life of seeking and finding truth to gain, share and give. Be it in a rock that I find while walking, a Heart Shape that appears on my window, ice melting with a Heart shape.

I do believe there is a House for every person and a person for every house.
As you begin your own House Hunting Journey, let the Quest to Seek and Find guide your search to Connect your Heart with your Homes to you. Rhonda